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Welcome to the community. Together with you, we regularly post your submitted unique Tips & Tricks from around the world. Do you have anything unique to share? If yes, you are here at the right place. With this in mind, please submit tips with the easy to use submit form below.

Tips of the Week – Tips of the Month – Tips of the Year

Tip of the Week:

As every week our team votes for the best tip/trick that was submitted, we will issue a shopping voucher on Amazon or Ebay for the winner.

Tip of the Month:

Next, all weekly winners will participate in our Tip of the Month Content to choose you submitted the best monthly tip. As well, you will receive a nice big shopping voucher from our partners at Amazon or Ebay.

Tip of the Year:

Finally, the wrap-up at the end of each year to vote for the best ever tip/trick received during the year. As a result of your tremendous participation to submit your tips, we will announce  great prizes for you. Please note, that all monthly tips/trick winners are participating.

The winners will be announced on our Facebook Fan Page and on our weekly newsletter

How do we choose the Tip of the Week? In summary, we will look at the greatest number of page views and at page likes/social media shares from our readers. Since these will mirror the popularity of each post showing our team which one has the greatest impact and interest to the readers on Wundertips. Secondly, all weekly winners will compete for the monthly award. Finally, all monthly winners will enter the great show down for the Tip of the Year Award.

Let’s start and see How to Submit Your Tip:

1. Write a great headline / description of your Tip/Trick
2. Attach/Upload your Photo
3. Add your name and country (we will only display your first name and country – like: John,  USA – for privacy reasons)
4. Click “Submit Tip/Trick Now”
5. We will review your tip/trick and post it on

By submitting your tip/trick (and possibly images) you give us the right to use your tip/photo unlimited in context with (website, social media). In accepting, you assure us that you have the rights to all submitted content (text, photo) and agree that you do not violate any rights of third parties. Illegal tips that endanger the public or sexual content is not permitted.

Useful Tips of how to Write a Great Tip:

First of all, you do not have to be an author to submit your tip. As we will review your submission, correct your grammar (if necessary), and maybe add some additional content to make the tip stand out even more great. After all, if you follow these guidelines you have a higher chance your tips are posted/approved and therefore will participate in the Tip of the Week Challenge.


1. Be as precise and detailed as possible: As all our tips are printable, a nice outline is great to guide the reader thru your tip step by step:

Write a compelling TIP TITLE to show the reader in a few words what the tip is about. Example:

How to write a compelling Tip

Notably, the reader knows right away what the article is about and starts to get more interested in learning all the tip details.

2. Introduction

Great, you got the readers interested and with this in mind it is time to write a short 2-3 sentence to summarize your ideas. Especially, the first 120 words are displayed underneath every post, this short introductory summary is the key to let the reader click on your tip to read everything in detail.

3. Main Part

Another key point is the main part where a description of your tips should the written in the most precise and detailed way possible. Ultimately, show exactly your motivation of “WHAT” is the problem, “WHY” do you it this way, and “HOW” to solve the problem, in order that everybody else have a clear idea. After all, the reader should easily follow and understand your step by step “How to do tip”explanation.

In addition, please formulate your tip in your own words, and do not copy and paste anything that might violate copyrights of others. For this reason, we do a quick “plagiarism check” to make sure that it is indeed your own tip. Sorry, about this, but we might get prostituted if we do use third-party content (text, photos) without approval from the copyrights owner.

In case that a tip already does exist on, we will look into the details and add anything new that you have provided.

With this in mind, no worries as we help you out. If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact form here


As a matter of fact, pictures do tell more than a thousand words. Thus, wouldn’t it be great to visually show how your tips works. It is much more interesting, more understandable, and more conspicuous to get the idea behind it. Truly, you do not have to do it, but it will give your tip this “personal touch” which might be the missing key by just reading the text only. Furthermore, it will improve the overall tip value tremendously. After all, it only takes a couple minutes of your time to capture the moments (steps)

Take your camera or cell phone and attach a self-shot picture (s) with your tip submission. Please only submit pictures of your own and do not use any google search images as they might violate copyrights of others.

Choose the correct light environment

First, please make sure that the photo light is not over- or underexposed. Not only do underexposed photos get very dark, but also lack the details because of much darkness around the key focus object. As a matter of fact, the same is true with overexposed photos as they show a lot of whiteness around the main object lacking details as well.

If possible try to avoid the flash as it will make the photos cold and hard. Likewise, direct sunlight will create shadows and does the same. Therefore, we recommend to find a nice place in a regular day light environment to take the perfect shot.

Try to capture the whole object and not only part of it. Details are lost if only part of the tip object is shown on the photo.

wundertips submit photo sample

Background and location

As a nice background is always great to attract the focus to the main object only, in order not to distract the eyes to some unnecessary background object which are not part of the featured tip object.

If the background is part of the photo, please make sure that the background theme is the same. A nice photo on a plain tile floor or a wooden table are very nice and appealing. In contrast, if you like to make a photo of a cake, baking tools in the background are ok, but for example baby pampers  would disturb the whole idea. does use cookies on this site to improve your browsing experience. By visiting this site you are agreeing to this. For more information click Accept "Read More"