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You + Us = Our Green Wundertips.com Community

Every day something new is introduced in our lives. As we get surrounded by technology, we tend to forget our ecological footprint on Earth. It is never too late to start making small changes in our lifestyle that will have a huge impact to our environment.

What it our goal?

Many times we are confronted with a problem that needs to be solved. Maybe, it is just that stain that you cannot get rid of, or wondering how to unplug your sink drainage pipe from all the food leftovers flushed away. You think, spend hours trying while using hard chemicals that harm the environment, and in the end, you spend quite a fortune to hand over the problem to a professional. As a result, your wallet is blank empty.

Wundertips.com is here for you. Our goals are to save you money and time while providing green solutions to daily life issues. Why pay for a chemical when you can easily find the solution in your kitchen drawer while protecting the environment.

Our team offers you the most up-to-date eco-friendly solutions, from a vegan, vegetarian, or healthy diet, to cleaning your house with non-chemical products, to finding inner peace while you connect with nature.

Our Goal

How we came to the idea to create WunderTips.com

How we came up with the idea
  1. Now, more than ever, it is clear that we all need to do our part to preserve our planet. To do this, we need to decrease our ecological footprint, think green, and provide a better, healthier world for future generations.
  2. Many blog pages only let you interact via comments, but you are not able to influence the content. For this reason, we thought it would be awesome to create something where you can also participate. You can be part of building the greatest collection of green tips & tricks across the internet.

It is all about YOU and YOUR advantages

  • 100% Free – always
  • Saves you Money
  • Saves you Time in trying to solve your problem on your own while protecting the environment
  • Discover unique, green ideas that are just so simple to believe

Meet Our Team

Our Cute Lab-Collie Mix Supervisor “Lisa” who loves to sleep, play, and eat a lot (to your right)

“Oh” (middle) in charge about Social Media & Customer Relations

“Oli” (left) who takes care of content, marketing & web-design

wundertips team

“Dimo”: Chief Editor in charge of content

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